Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Psylocke, Blue pencil on bristol, 9x12", 2009.

Been a week or so since I last updated, so I thought I'd share this Psylocke that I just finished up. I haven't decided if I want the glowy hand thing or not, I'll fix it when I go to color it. Hopefully will have this ready as a print for Heroes Con. (Just a week left yahh!) And just a reminder I will be set up in artist alley with a couple of friends of mine, Adam and Kim, table SP-340. Please come by and take a look at our stuff, we all have tons of new work to show off. And if you are looking to get any commissions done, shoot me an email so I know what references to bring with me to the show. I still have a lot of work to finish so keep checking back, Later.

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