Thursday, May 21, 2009

Next Stop Animazement '09...

Nightcrawler, Photoshop CS3, 11x17", 2009.

I have just few more hours before I get on the road to my next convention. If you are in Raleigh, NC this weekend, stop by the convention center for Animazement, I will be in the artist alley room with my friend Adam (check his site out). I will have prints of just about everything related to this blog available, plus I will be doing con sketches and commissions. This is one of the craziest cons I attend all year. Hope to meet some nice folks and sell some art. Please come by I would love to meet ya.

And I finally finished up the colors on this Nightcrawler that has been sitting around for a while now. Had to change up the color scheme a little bit because there was way to much pink and purple for my taste. I tried out a green and orange glow for the bamf smoke and it stuck so I'm quite pleased with it now. Keep checking back for more updates because Heroes Con is just around the corner and I still have a lot of work to be finished.

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The Bob said...

Howdy, Mr. Fowler. This is that Bob guy from Animazement's Artist Alley. It was fun sitting next to you and Andy this year. I'll actually probably make it down to HeroesCon this year, so if I do I'll come by.