Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Animazement 2009

Superman Commission, Copic markers on bristol, 8.5x11", 2009.

Chun Li Commission, Copic markers on Stonehenge, 9x12", 2009.

Deadpool, Kid Flash, Flamethrower(GiJoe), Copic markers on bristol, 2.5x3.5", 2009

Animazement '09 table set-up and Adam.

Well as you can see this years Animazement was really successful and a lot of fun. I finished every commission that I took on and even sold out a print. I know that's not much but it was quite an accomplishment for me. I usually have to finish up commissions at home and mail them out. We also tried out a new set up for the table and it worked perfectly. Even when people were looking through the books on the table you could still see some of the prints hanging above. Probably the best set up so far. Each year we do this we seem to get more and more sales. Hopefully our Heroes Con will be even better and we can get even more exposure.
I included several blurry pictures of the commissions that I did. Wish I had a scanner to get that Chun Li image, it turned out rather nice. And I think that is the first time that I drew a decent looking Superman. I'm still trying to get used to drawing on those small sketch cards so those were not some of my favorite pieces this time around.
All in all this Animazement was the best so far and I think a lot of that had to do with changing the venue site to the Raleigh Convention Center. It had so much more space for all the people to run around and not feel so cluttered up being stuck against a wall. The artist alley was pretty much contained inside one giant ballroom which was nice being separated from all the chaos that goes on outside.

Well, I'm off to finish up a ton of work for the Heroes Con, which is in 3 weeks. I will try to post anything new as I finish up stuff. Keep checking back.


Anonymous said...

i look fucking amazing!


scott belcastro said...

Superman !!!! so rad...

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