Sunday, April 19, 2009

The day after...

Batman, Copic markers on bristol, 8x10", 2009.

Well the Boone Comicon turned out to be a fun little con. For being such a small town convention, a lot of people came through. Saw people I knew from work and met some cool new artist that were local to the surrounding areas. I also found out from the guys running the con, that the next one will be in October, so hopefully they will keep it going for years to come. The only thing that bumed me out was that no one wanted any commissions. But I did draw up this Batman sketch while I sat there, thought it turned out pretty nice. I drew it on that semi-smooth bristol from Strathmore and I made a very cool discovery with it. No matter how much I saturated the paper with the markers, it did not bleed through to the other side at all. Very amazing stuff.

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