Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I find your lack of faith disturbing

Here is a nice process look at one of my latest commission pieces. I always enjoy looking at the process of other artist work so I thought I'd share mine.

Blue pencil on Stonehenge, 11x17", 2009.

To start out I usually do a few thumbnails to get the feel of the character. Most of the time its just a bunch of shapes to get the composition of a pose. Lately I found myself using the computer to do this process so I don't end up wasting a lot a paper. The next phase is just doing a small rough sketch to flesh out the character's costume and anatomy. Then I will blow that up on the computer and transfer it to another sheet of paper. This is mainly to get rid of any unnecessary marks and to have an overall clean drawing. I knew I was going to have to color over this one so the line work is not as tight as some my other drawings.

Ink on Stonehenge, 11x17", 2009.

The next step for me is to just ink over it so the lines don't get lost in the marker. I never realized how much detail Vader had with his costume. This is probably my favorite of the three processes for him. The inks turned out better than I could have hoped. I left it fairly simple with the lines, no hatching or heavy blacks because the colors should keep him rounded out.

Copic markers on Stonehenge, 11x17", 2009.

Last up is the coloring. Nothing really special here just finding the light source and have at it. I love coloring with markers so I always jump at the chance to add color to commissions. This one was a challenge because he is pretty much wearing all black. I did not just want to use black with white outlines, so I went the full gray scale on this one. The only part of him that is true black is the tech stuff on his chest and belt.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did drawing it and keep checking back for more.
(Thanks again Laura and Chris for another great Star Wars commission.)


Shazam! said...

Amazing Vader! Thanks for the insight on your work.

Anonymous said...

meh... you could have done better. How about next time you put the Gears of war 2 down? Seriously you called this one in from the toilet. those abs look like they are from a husky Asian ewok.