Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baltimore Con wrap up

These are some of the commissions that I did at the Baltimore Con last month. Sorry if some of them are a little blurry, I was only able to get photos from my crappy camera.

Death, Copic markers on bristol, 8.5x11", 2009.

Chun Li, Copic markers on bristol, 8.5x11", 2009.

Mary Jane, Copic markers on bristol, 8.5x11", 2009.

Captain Nemo, Copic markers on bound sketchbook, 11x14", 2009.

Poison Ivy, Copic markers on bristol, 9x12", 2009.

Captain America, Copic markers on bristol, 9x12", 2009.

Fearless Dawn, Copic markers on bristol, 9x12", 2009.

I know it's a month late but I thought I'd share my experience of the Baltimore Con. All I can say is wow, the show was pretty incredible. Marc Nathan and crew put together one heck of a convention.
Some of the highlights for me were that I finally got to meet one of my favorite artist there, J Scott Campbell. Only had to stand in line for like 30 or 40 minutes, but it was worth it. I also got to hang out with Chris Uminga and Matt Fletcher, always nice to see those guys. Chris was even kind enough to suggest to Scott Adsit of 30 Rock to come over to the table and check out my art. That was a pretty exciting experience to be able to chat with him about his work in film and our love of comics. But the best thing was that he commissioned me to do a piece in his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen themed sketch book. I was dumb founded at this because he had a ton of other cool artist renditions in these books (such as Adam Hughes, Eric Canete, Darwin Cooke, Tim Sale, the list goes on). Lets just say that I did not feel worthy enough to be included. I sweated that pic the whole night on Saturday, but I finally came up with a Captain Nemo for him (sorry about the pic above, it was the only one that came out).
The con only being two days went by so quick, but I'm thankful that I was able to stay busy throughout the weekend. Thanks again to all those that came by and said hello. I had so much fun meeting everyone and I will definitely be attending next years show.

Well, that's it for the conventions for me this year. I'm still trying to decide which ones to go to for next year and if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to make a comment. I have a ton of new work to post up so keep checking back as well. Later.


Chris Shields said...

I've met Scott briefly and seen his League book, it's pretty friggin awesome. Definitely a worthy entry.

Neil said...

The Captain's beard is amazing. I know you put a lot of work into it and it shows.

Also, Fearless Dawn turned out great! Steve Mannion (the creator) will be tickled pink to see this.

Thanks again. It was a pleasure meeting you.

merveilleuse said...

Fearless Dawn is AMAZING!!!