Sunday, January 30, 2011

Filthy Humans...

General Ursus, Copic markers on bristol, 9x12", 2011.
I think I was getting a little burned out on the super heroes so this Planet of the Apes commission was a nice change of pace.
I'm not sure if this is going to help or hurt but I wanted to add my current commission list to the side of the blog.  The order shown are the way I received them in, but not necessarily the order in which I'm going to work through them.  I can only do so many Deadpools and such before I start to lose my mind, so I've been jumping through the list as they interest me.  Since I have so many right now, I'm going to close the list till I can make a dent.  I hate to do this because I really have a hard time saying no to work, but if I don't I will have people waiting a year or more for commissions.  (I have a few more people to email about ones from the last month, sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet.)  When I'm ready to take on more commissions I will post something on here.  Thanks again for all the work.       

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Anonymous said...

Great piece Bill, will you have prints ?