Friday, June 4, 2010

HeroesCon, June 4 - 6

Sketchbook 2010 cover

Just a few hours away from the first day of HeroesCon and I'm still up working late to finish all my stuff.  The 2010 sketch book is printed and ready to go.  I will be selling them and the usual prints and commissions at table AA-641 located in artist alley.  If you are in Charlotte, NC this weekend, come to the show and say hello. 


MJC *-* said...

Hey there,

I have a question about your process with the blue pencil. I see that you sketch with the blue pencil in the first fase but then loose the blue pencil if you scan it.
Like you describe here:

But if i watch james jean process (and i see you have his blog in your list too..!) that he uses the blue lines as FINAL lines if he scan it in. Why is that?
Do you have any idea?
Like this, read here:
Is it because he likes the milky soft effect the blue pencil has?

Hope you can help because you work a lot with this process.


Harold L. George - Gsting® said...

OMG, your stuff rocks man. I saw you at the convention and picked a card. You had a pretty good crowd there.

I pretty much LOVE the blue pencil technique, and took a class with Alvin Lee at in which he gave us a tip to get rid of the blue lines in photoshop.

Your stuff is sick. I'm hoping to get into the business.